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How Foreclosure Fraud Escaped the Facebook RipOff Criminal Charges

In November,2012, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara obtained an indictment against Paul Ceglia on charges of forging a contract with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  The charges include mail and wire fraud and that Ceglia doctored, fabricated and destroyed evidence to support his 2010 lawsuit he filed against Zuckerberg using a phony contract.  Doesn't that sound like the same allegations against the Foreclosure Mills-doctoring and fabricating documents, including assignments of mortgages and robo-signing with false notaries to support phony foreclosure complaints against Million of citizens nationwide? Susan Chana Lask

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Lask Shutdown Foreclosure Mill Baum, but he Left NY "Homewrecked"

  Susan Chana Lask's YouTube Video Busted Ny Foreclosure Mill Fraud

Foreclosure Fraud Defense Attorney Susan Chana Lask was the first attorney to expose Baum in 2010, sue him for her clients and win a settlement. She says Baum's now closed Foreclosure Mill "HOMEWRECKED" New Yorkers and the court system with the mess he left us with, as quoted in Gannett's story today.

Lask's Foreclosure Case Confirmed by U.S. Attorney Fining Baum $2 Million

10-6-11 U.S. Attorney Fines Steven J. BaumThe U.S. Attorney fined Steven Baum $2 Million and imposed orders on him to protect the public. In September, 2010, I filed the first and only Federal Action in New York's Eastern Dstrict Court alleging Steven Baum was a Foreclosure Mill filing bad foreclosures and his relationship with MERS was suspect. AND I WAS RIGHT!  I'M THE ONLY ATTORNEY nationwide to settle sucessfully against him and not get dismissed...and now the givernment's following through.