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Foreclosure Defense-Mortgage Fraud



*Susan Chana Lask knows foreclosure fraud defense, robo-signing, jurisdiction and fraud issues against MERS, the banks and Foreclosure Mills.
*She is the only attorney nationwide to file a Federal case against MERS and New York's infamous Foreclosure Mill Baum and successfully settle it in 2011 for her clients.
*The media reported Ms. Lask is a "smart and feisty attorney" making history as she was on to something big...and she was.
*Confirming she was on target, on October 6, 2011 the U.S. Attorney fined Baum $2 Million Dollars and Ordered him to change his foreclosure practices, including his relationship with MERS-exactly what Susan Chana Lask's complaint brought to the public's attention!
*Foreclosure Mill Baum is now shut down as of 2012. 
AND THERE'S MORE TO SUSAN ON YOUR SIDE- her work led to Fannie Mae Firing Foreclosure Mill Steven Baum
On November 7, 2011, Representative Cummings confirmed her cooperation in in Congress' Foreclosure Fraud investigation (see documents in right module on this page)
Foreclosure Fraud is a complicated system involving allegations of bank fraud, MERS, the bank trusts, Pooling and Servicing Agreements ("PSA") and foreclosure mill operations, among other issues. Susan Chana Lask has impeccable experience with mortgages and banks as 25 years ago she worked for the best NYC commercial real estate firms working out multi-million and billion dollar commercial deals and drafting complex commercial mortgage documents.  In 2010 she predicted the foreclosure crisis, so she studied issues, documents, PSAs, interviewed bankers, trustees and hundreds of experts and reviewed tens of thousands of pleadings and depositions about the mortgage fraud crisis.  Once she was prepared, in August, 2010 she started her mortgage foreclosure fraud awareness program for the public benefit. She exposed the Foreclosure Mills and the media reported Ms. Lask as a "smart and feisty attorney" making history .


Susan Chana Lask gets results. Susan Chana Lask Foreclosure Defense VideoShe is the first and only attorney to fight New York foreclosure fraud to produce a video simplifying this complicated issue for the public to understand and to get the Attorney General's attention about the fraud. Simultaneously, on August 17, 2010 she filed a federal action in the Eastern District of New York ("EDNY") against New York's Foreclosure Mill, MERS and HSBC, captioned Campbell v. Steven J. Baum, Esq., Steven J. Baum, P.C., et al. (see case details at right module on this page).  By April, 2010, she was the first and only foreclosure defense attorney nationwide to successfully settle a case against the notorious Foreclosure Mill run by Baum, and worked with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Department of Justice after Ms. Lask filed her case.  As Ms. Lask predicted in her 2010 video, New York's Attorney General is the only AG to pursue an investigation against the banks and the Foreclosure Mill that Ms. Lask sued.  Baum was been fined $2 Million Dollars on October 6, 2011 by the U.S. Attorney, another Million in 2012 by the AG and he was shut down. Baum was fined millions and shut down in 2011.  Also, MERS is being sued by the AG now.

Ms. Lask gained a wealth of information in discovery; including details of the foreclosure mill operations, MERS operations and their relationships with Bank Trusts, PSA and mortgage backed securities issues that gives her the power and knowledge to defend homeowners like no other attorney.

Ms. Lask was such a great litigator that the Foreclosure Mill defendant Baum resorted to filing a bogus defamation case against Ms. Lask to deflect her efforts; but she remained focused, confirmed everything in her foreclosure fraud complaint against Baum was true and she obtained an amicable settlement for her clients. The baseless defamation case was immediately withdrawn with prejudice once she filed her motion to dismiss against Baum (see Motion in right module). That motion stated "The chronological record establishes that Baum‟s defamation action is a direct response to the EDNY Action and interposed solely to impede, harass and intimidate Lask from pursuing her case.", and that says it all.  The Foreclosure Mill entered into a confidential settlement for both cases. Ms. Lask's clients reaped the benefits. 

Since then, Ms. Lask's wealth of knowledge in foreclosure fraud defense led to her obtaining bank withdraw s of foreclosure actions against her clients. In March, 2012 she filed a sophisticated Federal appeal in the Second Circuit of an $11 Million Dollar commercial foreclosure. Click here for that Brief that ahs a wealth of information on forged assignments, missing Notes and more.
It took one attorney to lead the battle and seek justice!  That is Susan Chana Lask...she's ready to finish the fight for you.